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Here is the best BIOS available for the IOpener (IMHO)...and the previous release.  The Here is the changes in the new version:

Thanks to Wild_Pencil, Reverend Jones, Programmer and Georgie

V5.40a - latest greatest

V5.40 - previous version


This is the W98 video driver I currently use: CyberBlade-i7

This is an older W98 driver that I used quite a bit: 5497-47


This is the W98 audio driver I currently use on the version 5 IO: 68USR108

There is a newer driver (68mu200a) that does not seem to work correctly.


Ranish Partition Magic - FDisk substitute - I'm not sure why, but sometimes FDisk will not work correctly...especially when trying to go from Linux to DOS.  RPM has never failed me.

Sandisk Images

None yet


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Legal Stuff

All the stuff here is use at your own risk.  There are no warranties of any kind.  The files are provided here a a convenience only. 

If you know of any files that should not be posted here, please let me know.